"Craig Huber has done a wonderful job representing our firm for many years. We've been able to grow our business with Craig's legal support. From drafting corporate documents and agreements to simple advise on matters. Craig has been essential." - A.S.


"Craig was kind enough to work with me throughout our estate planning in whichever mode worked best for my husband and me…especially me. Our initial meetings that were held in his office quickly became email sessions on the current task at hand for me as I researched each asset’s ownership and beneficiary in the comfort of my own home office, with documents scattered all around me.  Craig patiently allowed me to discuss via email each asset individually, one asset at a time. He very patiently and thoroughly responded to each of my emails; he explained the next step; he answered my  questions; he shared scanned legal documents with me as we progressed through one asset at a time. He joined us at meetings with our financial planners. He met us at our home whenever wisest.

He helped me similarly while I assisted my mother-in-law with her estate planning as well. Whether out of the country or out of the state, Craig was always available for me either via email or phone. His patient understanding and guidance helped me understand legal documents, and his emails kindly gave me the information I needed at the time I needed it.

My gratitude goes out to Craig for working with me slowly, one asset at a time, in whatever way worked best for me. He would make an excellent teacher, if such were his ilk. He has all my respect for making the legal process accessible to me in a way I understand." - M.W.